About us

     „Sakarvos valtine“ has been running from the spring of 2002. We began with 3 kayaks, the old truck and with large enthusiasm. The first year we worked only in territory of Aukstaitija national park.
    The stream of tourists and interest in water tourism has grown; therefore we have been changed, too: the number of kayaks has increased, the models and technical characteristics were improved, additional tourist services were added.

     Our boat station is on the bank of the longest in Aukstaitija National Park Zeimenis Lake. Small rivulets connect this lake to other reservoirs of national park, and also with river Zeimena, which runs into the river Neris.

     In cooperation with other firms, which rent water tourist inventory, we succeed in servicing the big groups of people. We’ve begun kayaks rental service in the Vilnius region since spring of 2008. Having special kayaks and tourist inventory, we work not only in the summer, but also in a cold season.